Product Details:

Alarm Mode Sound, Led Lights

901 without Counter(Police Model)

902 with Counter (Police Model)

Features Low Cost Walk Through For Weapon Detection
Battery Charging Type Plugged in Charging, Rechargeable Batteries
Metal Detector Type Walk Through Metal Detector
Power Supply Dual
Power Source Dual
Low Cost Walk Through For Weapon Detection

  • Quick Installation, No Training Required
  • Frame Includes Walkthrough Foot Ramp
  • Automatic Zero Adjustment
  • Dual Power Mains/ Battery, In-Built Charger
  • Ignores Metal Outside Frame
  • 9 Levels Of Sensitivity And 9 Levels Of Alarm
  • 10 Step Bar-Graph Indicator
  • 3 Level LED Indicator For Low, Medium And High Level Of Alarm
  • Piezoelectric Beeper For Indicators Of Metal
  • Optical Sensors Used To Avoid External Disturbances
  • WALK And STOP Indicators To regulate Traffic
  • Detects All Metals, Alloys And Ferrites
  • Low Field Strength – No Effect On Pacemakers And Magnetic Media
  • SMPS Power Supply – Works From 90V To 270V With Full Function Battery Backup