Door Frame Metal Detectors

Door Frame Metal Detectors – An intelligent step forward to enhance your security:

Totalscan Series of DFMD (Full Form) – door frame metal detectors by Security Control Systems are made of durable and finest-grade materials at our manufacturing unit in New Delhi. Our team of professionals creates these products under the supervision and guidance of industry experts after a series of research and development to ensure that the customers get the highest quality of highly sensitive walk-through metal detectors. Our reliable products are designed for intensive use to provide the first net of safety and prevent any unlawful entry thereby safeguarding the interests of the security agencies.

Security Control Systems manufactures a range of DFMD/ walk-through doors metal detector to meet the needs of customers who deal with pedestrians at airports, cinema halls, hotels, office premises, stadiums, malls, etc. Our security metal detectors can precisely detect any trespassers or unwanted elements during safety checks at the gate and therefore provide superior detection and performance.


Door Frame Metal Detector Product Details:

  • Single zone metal detector door frame – walk through metal detectors
  • Walk and stop Indication
  • Bar Graph
  • Wooden Ramp
  • Battery Backup (Optional)
  • Intelligent Counter (Optional)
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Enhanced durability
  • Reliable performance
  • Rugged design
  • Perfect finish
  • Designed to detect any concealed metal on a person in any possible manner
  • Mains/ battery operated
  • Inbuilt control unit and battery charger
  • Multi-tone audio/ visual indication for detection
  • No false alarm for external disturbances


  • Colour: white and customized
  • Usage: security check
  • Equal detection for all types of metals, alloys. detect ferrites
  • Sensor fitted to avoid external disturbances
  • Metal detector door frame
  • Microcontroller based auto-set model


  • Check the traffic flow with alarm counters
  • Weather-Resistant design for outdoor use (For specific products only)
  • Adjustable operating frequencies to eliminate the potential effects from interface sources
  • Place multiple units side by side
  • Bar graph and LED for metal level indication
  • Detection for all types of metals, alloys – detect ferrite.
  • Customisable pad for setting system parameters.
  • IR sensor for external disturbances


  • Door frame metal detectors can efficiently detect any concealed weapon
  • Alarm notification
  • Safe for pregnant women and people with pacemakers
  • Easy to install
  • Uniform detection from top to bottom
  • Capable to detect multiple metal objects of various sizes in all the zones simultaneously.
  • In accordance with relevant electric safety standards

We have a broad range of DFMD with technical details and specifications to suit your needs. Connect with us at OR  to get your quote and we will ensure that you get your order delivered right on time. We offer PAN INDIA DELIVERY at competitive prices for our security metal detector with seasonal discounts and a manufacturer warranty.

FAQs :

1. What is the use of door frame metal detector?

A door frame metal detector (DFMD) is used for security screening purposes at airports, stadiums, malls, concerts, corporate offices, cinema halls etc. It detects concealed metal weapons on a person’s body and also monitors passengers flow. They are highly effective in screening a large number of people in a short duration of time.

2. How many types of DFMD are there?

There are 3 types of DFMD – Single Zone, Dual zone and Multi zone. While all are highly effective to detect any concealed objects, multi zone DFMD can detect the location (Left side or right side) of the object on a person.

3.Is metal detector safe for pregnant women?

Yes, door frame metal detectors pose no threat and are safe for pregnant women.

4.What is the principle of a door frame metal detector?

The operation of a door frame metal detector is based on electromagnetic induction. Short and powerful bursts of current create a magnetic field in the coil. As soon as any metal comes in contact with the magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field causes a misbalance in the coil, which in turn triggers an alarm.

5.Delivery information – Do you deliver PAN India?

Yes, Security Control Systems delivers its products PAN India.