Product Details:

Alarm Mode Led Lights, Sound
Metal Detector Type Walk Through Metal Detector
Battery Yes, Inbuilt
Battery Charging Type Plugged in Charging
Power Supply Dual
  • Intelligent Microprocessor Based Design
  • Quick Installation – No Training Required
  • Proportional Indication Of The Size Of Metal Mass In Transit
  • Detachable Side Panels For Easier Storage And Transportation
  • Dual Power Mains/ Battery, In-Built Charger
  • Automatic Calibration Regardless Of Environment
  • Multi-Step Sensitivity To Cater To All Security Needs
  • Distinct Tones For Various Alarm Levels
  • Optical Sensors Used To Avoid External Disturbances
  • WALK And STOP Indicators To regulate Traffic
  • Detects All Metals, Alloys And Ferrites
  • Low Field Strength – No Effect On Pacemakers And Magnetic Media
  • SMPS Power Supply – Works From 90V To 270V With Full Function Battery Backup
  • With 6-Digit Intelligent Counter Which Includes Trafic Count IN/OUT/NET